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Shannon Davis is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Her debut album, “Tell Me a Story,” released in October 2023, was produced and recorded by Grammy-nominated producer Jon Evans.


Indeed, “Tell Me a Story” does feel like settling in for a confessional. Her lyricism is vivid and scene-setting, like looking out over the marsh on a stormy day, lighting a candle in a cabin in the woods, or gazing out over a choppy sea. “Tell Me a Story” is a full-body drink; folksy and introspective. She incorporates a Western sound in some tracks, but it’s clear through songs like “Are You a Sailor” that she never truly forgets her roots. Born and raised on Cape Cod, Davis began playing guitar at 16 and didn’t pick up songwriting until her mid-30s but has been a lifelong poetry writer. She’s lived around the world and has traveled to 46 states and 7 different countries. Still, if there is such a thing as a distinctly “Cape” sound, Davis captures it in the ebb and flow of her dreamy vocals.  Davis’ music is smooth, glassy but with a fire that expertly works to engage every sense. “Tell Me a Story” – and any work by Davis – is much more than a listening experience. Her voice and unique guitar riffs have a rare versatility to both set the atmosphere of a room and command it. 

~Clare Mulroy, journalist and writer

Listen to Shannon Davis across all streaming services, or purchase a hard copy of her music online or via mail on her website, Find her on all social media platforms @ShannonDavisMusic to stay updated on future releases and upcoming shows.

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