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       Since I'm writing this myself, here are the 1st person Cliff Notes...I was born and raised on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, but I've seen most of the US and a few other places too. Like a lot of artists, I've worked in many fields, from exotic petting zoo to housekeeper to entomology technician and much in between. In 2016, I was accepted into the Peace Corps and moved to Madagascar where I lived and worked for more than 2 years as a Food Security Volunteer. I think the various experiences we have in life can push passion to the surface, maybe indirectly via the lessons that come along with experience. At least that feels true for me. So upon returning home in 2018, it turned out that writing songs and performing seemed to be the only thing that really made sense to me, and that has continued to be true.


        In 2020 I received a Grand Prize from Eventide's New England Songwriting competition for the song, "When We Were Kids". That track and others can be heard on my 1st EP, "May You Always See A Light", which can be digitally purchased via BandCamp and is also available across all streaming services. I'm currently in the process of recording an album, release date TBD, but shooting for Autumn 2023. ~ Shannon ~

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